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Vacuum Cleaner Collect Dust Paper
May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017
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Alkaline Battery Separator Paper


Alkaline Battery Separator Paper will be used alkaline zinc-manganese battery industry,to be functioned as separation of battery anode from cathode materials

Items Unit Specification
Grammage g/㎡ 40±2
Thickness um 90~110
Straight Tension kN/m ≥1.5
Cross Tension kN/m ≥0.5
Water Retainability % ≥350
Water Absorbtion /3mim ≥30
Water Percentage % 5~9
Appearance (0.3~1.5)mm2Black Spot is ≤20个/m2

Big holes,stains or stuff knots are not allowed in the range of black spot ≥1.5mm


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