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Tea Bag Paper
May 12, 2017
Medical Adhesive Tape
Medical Adhesive Tape Paper
May 12, 2017
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Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Paper


Double-sided Adhesive Tape Paper

This paper is made out via imported macro fiber of wood pulp. Featuring to be surface evenness,high tensile strength,good air permeability and wet strength,known as basis coating material for double sided adhesive tape-making .Main weight range is 12 g/m2、14 g/m2、18 g/m2、22 g/m2等。Specification :1036mm、1256mm。

Description double sided Cloth tape
Backing cloth,synthetic cloth
Adhesive Hot melt
Tack ≥ 18#
Holding power ≥2hrs
180°peeling ≥22N/25mm
Temperature resistance
Tensile strength
Elongation %
Thickness 290/320/360mic
Color transparent or white


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