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May 12, 2017
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Wax Coated Paper
July 28, 2017
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Offset Paper-HTS PAPER


1. With advanced paper making process and Quality control technology, produced by 100% virgin wood pulp

2. With good vision effect and stable color

3. With Good dimensional stability, multi-color overprinting accuracy, better color saturation

4. With Good opacity and light-shielding, suitable for double sided printing

5. Paper Surface smooth and delicate, on what print dots real and clear

6. With good evenness, folding strength

7.With excellent mechanical strength and surface strength, suitable for high speed printing presses


Suitable for high speed flat and commercial rotary printing, mainly used in journals, high-class notebook, cover, color pictorial, brochure, logo, illustration, advertising, product brochures, etc

Grammage:60g/m2, 70g/m2, 80g/m2, 100g/m2, 120g/m2


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