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May 12, 2017
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The Coated Paper For Battery Storage


The electrodes known as a main parts of the Storage battery has improved its continous grid technical production method of starting from net-drawing,continous casting&punching process,during the course of the above progress,this coated paper must be applied .

This Coated Paper will be set on the both sides of the electrods to prevent te lead paste from coming off  the counter electrodes or stop the paste from adhesion together. Protected by the coated paper,the counter electrodes will keep far from more lead dust on it during the course of assembling and transportation, and further, this paper is quite pro-environmental because the coated paper will be gradually automatically dissolved to the electrolyte during the storage battery formation or application.

This coated paper requires itself high purity without any metal particle contained.The tensile strengh must adopt itself of successive coating on the lead-acid storage battery.

This paper grammge range is 12.5gsm or 14gsm

Tech Data List

Grammage-g/m214+0.5GB/T 451.2

Tightness-≥g/cm30.49+0.05GB/T 451.3

Thickness-um30+2GB/T 451.3

TensileStrength-≥M/D-KN/m0.55GB/T 453


Wet Strength-(10min)≥KN/m0.11GB/T 465

Whiteness≥%82GB/T 7974

Air Peameability-9000GB/T 10739

Chlorine-≤Ppm100GB/T 2678.5PH 6.0—8.0GB/T 1545.2

Delivery Water contains-≤%6—8GB/T 462

Fe particle-≤0.08-1.0mm2个/1800cm23GB/T 450

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