The Use of Tea Leaves Without Washing Before Packing

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    The Use of Tea Leaves Without Washing Before Packing

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    People can closely the tea bags which used for packing the tea are made with paper. But what you may not be acquainted with is that the tea paper has been chlorine-bleached. Yes, except you purchase your tea from an environmental brand, as most of the tea you put away is covered in white paper bags.

    This serves that the tea bags are the product of intensive chemical procedures. Would you akin to carry on taking such tea in a chlorine-bleached Tea bag paper packing? It is just for your info that having such tea in a chlorine-bleached paper bag somehow once does not really do anything at all. But it does not constantly symbolize a physical health risk.

    There are certain tea companies who use even pesticides in their tea agricultural methods. There is a report that published from Greenpeace which was released back in the year 2015 that said about 34 pesticides were found in an Indian tea. So if the tea wasn’t cleaned before packing in the tea bags, this means all the insect repellent go straight into the cup of tea. Therefore, it is observed that most tea is not washed anyway before sending it out for packaging into the bags.

    Certainly, tea has some precise place to let spread the flavors appropriately. When people prepare tea leaves, it is must that they can observe that the tea leaves expand accordingly. Though, the tea bags still can be found with little no room for the small tea leaves to open out and puff up. The tea bags are often condensing tea.

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